Fractional Boat Leasing

Experience new yacht ownership at a fraction of the cost

Great Hudson’s Fractional Sailboat Lease program was designed to address the common issues that may steer a sailor away from owning their own boat. Someone new to sailing may not feel ready to purchase their own boat. Others may have owned one before but currently cannot find the time or warrant the cost. Just because you currently don’t have access to your own sailboat, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun!!


  • Guaranteed sail time
  • Brand NEW Beneteau yacht
  • No maintenance
  • One time cost
  • A fraction of the cost compared to Ownership

How does it work?

Each boat has a designated number of shares and time period. All shares have an equal amount of sail time each year, but you may buy multiple shares in a boat to increase your sail time. At the time of purchase, each boat will have its own schedule with predetermined sail times; however trading sail time is permitted within each boat shareholders. Each shareholder gets access to our online boat sharing software which handles the schedule, trading, notifications, and reminders. We take care of all the costs and maintenance required with owning a sailboat. All you have to do is show up on your sail days and enjoy sailing with friends and family on your own private sailboat!!


Are you looking for another Beneteau model? Inquire and ask to be put on our notification list for other models that may become available!