Boating Membership

You just go sailing, and we take care of all the rest!

Membership sailing at SailTime provides all of the pleasures without any of the hassles, commitment or traditional costs associated with sailboat ownership. When you join SailTime, you pay only a fraction of the costs. Your cost per use with SailTime is significantly less for a comparable charter boat. Scheduling is open 24/7 and is instant. And you’ll be completely familiar with your membership boat; no confusion about where or how to operate equipment and systems.

Some of the benefits as a Member

  • Members design their sailing calendar using an online scheduling system
  • Guaranteed access that’s affordable, hassle-free and easy to schedule – 24/7
  • Make instant sailing reservations or plan up to a year in advance
  • Just the annual fee, i.e., no dockage, insurance, or maintenance costs
  • Top quality boats that are professionally managed
  • Worldwide access through the SailTime Plus program
  • A low commitment of 12 months

We offer 2 affordable levels of Membership for you to consider…. (drop down menu for below list similar to sailing school page drop down menu)

7 uses/month  Classic Membership is our most popular level. Sailors love it because it offers the most flexible and affordable “full time” sailing option on the water. More sailing time than any other club or charter offering in the world! Classic Members can also jump on their boat with short notice using our “as available”36-hour rule which waives the usage rules when you reserve your sailing time inside 36 hours of your departure time.

3 uses/month Lite Membership is perfect for the sailor who doesn’t have much time to sail.  Kid’s soccer games, golf, work; they can take over your weekends, making it hard to do what’s important, sail!  We also find this level to be a good way for someone to start sailing who isn’t sure how much time they are going to be able to devote. Lite members are allocated 3 uses every month, then have the ability to buy additional time within 24 hours.

Why Go Sailing With Us?


    Having the boat close to where you work or live gives you easier more frequent access to your vessel versus other charter programs at remote locations that require additional costs of flights, hotels, etc…Go sailing with friends, family co-workers after work or on the weekends on a regular basis. Not only will you get more time on the water you also pay substantially less when comparing the associated costs with other charter options or private boat ownership.
SailTime provides an online scheduling system so each member can schedule his times in advance and see if any short notice “ 36-hour rule” bookings are available. With SailTimes proprietary scheduling rules the system ensures every member gets their allotted times each month and not one member gets the most or best times. As well, electronic check-on and check-off system that makes it easy to schedule your boating time and ensures the boat is always clean and ready to go.
As a Sailtime member, you have a very low commitment of an annual contract, which you can renew each year that you want to stay as a member. As well, what you pay for the year is a flat fee that includes dockage, insurance, and maintenance. However, if you lose an item or damage the vessel, you will pay for the replacement or up to the insurance deductible.
Our boats are the latest and fully loaded models with luxury appointments and the latest electronics for the appropriate weather and sailing conditions. Only a few highly qualified set members (typically a maximum of eight members) use the boat. Each member gets trained on the specific vessel they join on and has to pass our rigorous check out before allowing to use the boat without a captain. As well, each boat is checked daily by our professional staff, and certain maintenance tasks are handled between each use on a regular basis. These aspects ensure each boat is working properly and stays working properly.
It doesn’t matter if you’re new to boating or an old hand who wants to brush up on your skills, our instructors, who are both ASA certified instructors and USCG Licensed Captains, are ready to help. We require all of our members to reach a certain standard of expertise before piloting a boat on their own and are always standing by to help as you work to expand your skill on the water.
As a SailTime Member, you have the option to enjoy access to any of our locations worldwide! Enjoy your SailTime Membership at other SailTime locations worldwide. SailTime PLUS makes reserving a boat in another SailTime base easy and affordable. You can now reserve a boat from a simple day sail up to 7 full days of cruising anywhere SailTime has a boat available.

Become A Member!