Boat Ownership

Owning a vessel with SailTime NY

Owning your dream yacht has never been easier or more affordable!
With the SailTime Ownership Program, you can own a luxury yacht with a down payment of 20%. You will be the sole owner of your boat, and you’ll have all the benefits of ownership without the time commitment and worry. While also having no operating expenses and annual revenue that usually covers your monthly loan payments. The only stipulation is that you have to be willing to share. We take care of everything else. Many owners tell us, we take care of their boat for them better than they would for themselves!

Some of the Benefits as an Owner:

  • Monthly revenue for using your boat in the shared membership program
  • Slip fees, insurance, and maintenance costs are covered
  • Regular access with guaranteed 14 “sail-times” per month, plus unlimited last minute reservations booked online 24/7
  • Professional yacht management so when you step on board it’s ready and waiting to go
  • National Access to other SailTime fleets through the SailTime Plus program
  • Substantial tax benefits that quickly create equity in their new yachts. **(We can explain the benefits in more detail, but we urge potential buyers to seek the advice of qualified tax advisors in setting up and operating a yacht as a business. )**
    We don’t bait you with higher potential income but leave you to pay the costs yourself. We pay the dockage, insurance, and maintenance before any revenue is dispersed. Our SailTime ownership program offers one of the highest revenue yields available while keeping ownership hassle free, coupled with the most comprehensive well-rounded approach for optimal care of your vessel.
With SailTime, only a few highly qualified set members (typically a maximum of eight members) use the boat. Each member gets trained on the specific vessel they join on and has to pass our rigorous check out before allowing to use the boat without a captain. Each member’s regular and frequent access per-month keeps them familiar and qualified to ensure proper operation and care. As well, your boat is checked daily by our staff, and certain maintenance tasks are handled between use on a regular basis.
Having the boat close to where you work or live gives you easier more frequent access to your vessel versus other charter programs at remote locations that require additional costs of flights, hotels, etc…Go sailing with friends, family co-workers after work or on the weekends on a regular basis with as much or as little notice as possible.
SailTime boats are well optioned which means you can expect your SailTime boat to have better and higher-grade options than would be found on most typical charter boats. We don’t require that boats have limited options or options more tailored towards charter. As an owner, you pick the options you want and usually includes options that more private owners want to see making your vessel more attractable to buyers when you go to sell it. As well, the maintenance we perform is typically more than most private owners perform which also helps resale value.
Rather than a turn and burn style of maintenance, which is common with yacht charter boats, you can rest assured that your boat will be in pristine condition. Our professional Management is the best, as we use the same professional and certified service technicians who commission our new boats to private owners. Your boat is thoroughly checked and maintained on a regular basis and not just when certain issues arise.
World-Wide Access.

Become An Owner!