Why Buy With Great Hudson

Based on our own background as new boat dealers, and everything we have learned over the last 25 years, we have developed certain programs that greatly improve the ownership experience. Our goal is to provide unmatched post-purchase service and to ensure that every owner stays on the water as long as possible.

Competent Captain Program When you purchase a new boat from Great Hudson Sailing, we don’t just send you on your way! We provide extensive training onboard your new vessel: both boat handling with our captains, and systems training with our certified service techs. Our experienced captains hold both a U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license and American Sailing Association instructor certification, and they will take you out for a day on the water in your new vessel to help you get used to the boat’s handling while sailing and docking. You also receive an orientation on all the systems and equipment onboard from one of our service techs, all of whom hold Beneteau service tech certification, as well as various other industry tech certifications.

We provide this training to both novice and experienced owners as we find customers who have completed the training enjoy a better experience on their new boat, use their vessel more frequently, and have fewer issues caused by damage. Even our more experienced owners have great things to say about the training, and we have never come across a customer who didn’t find it helpful.
Dockside Warranty Program

Unlike most other dealers, we do not expect you to bring the boat to our dealership for warranty work – instead, we come to you! Some manufacturers of the onboard equipment, including boat manufacturers, do not pay for travel costs, but we never ask for the boat owner to pay for our travel if it’s a warranty related matter. With our Dockside Warranty program, you simply notify us of your issue, and we send out one or more of our techs to resolve it – easy!

Vessel Watch Program
The first year of owning a boat can be time-consuming and intimidating as you get used to the vessel and its systems. Our Vessel Watch program helps to alleviate this by providing direct assistance and guidance, giving you peace of mind that the boat is properly maintained and serviced, and leaving you free to enjoy your vessel. We offer a free comprehensive 90-day inspection, which helps to spot potential maintenance and service issues before they become serious. This program also covers advice and planning of maintenance matters, including winterization, spring commissioning, and recommended manufacturer service intervals. Also, any service work we perform for you during the program, whether it be maintenance or aftermarket installs, qualifies for a discount on the regular hourly labor rate that we offer to the public.