Tom Seybold

Tom Seybold, U.S.C.G. Captain 100 ton master, is just about the most seasoned sailor out there, having spent decades in the marine industry he has just about done it all. After serving in the Army as a helicopter pilot during Vietnam, he quickly became obsessed with exploring the high seas on anything that floats. Since his younger years of living in the Caribbean “island hopping” on his sailboat, Tom has worked on both commercial and recreational vessels. He has done so much within the industry it’s hard to even know where to start. Some of the various positions he has had through his decades in the industry include yacht deliveries, bank repossessions, yacht surveys, training, and refits. He has trained many of our customers that now sail locally and also all around the globe. When he is not commissioning Beneteau sailboats or training our customers, he is out teaching flying lessons on fixed wing aircraft at the local airport.
TITLE: Services